The HND course in farm management is meant to meet the new requirements of modern farming, taking into account its evolution, diversification…

A HND course in farm management gives access to the following jobs:

  • Farming organization consultant
  • Management Consultant
  • Cooperative technician
  • Employee in Research and Development
  • Farm manager or salaried employee on a farm

The HND course can be completed by a certificate of specialization (about the tax system, accountancy, commercialisation, production…) or the preparation of a second HND with similar core subjects.

The HND Diploma allows students to go on with their studies, and possibly enter an Engineer School (ENITA, ENSA…), or a National Veterinary School, or prepare a Vocational Degree (Licence Professionnelle). Louis Pasteur Agricultural College offers a prep class course for the students that have obtained the HND diploma in farm management. It lasts one year and provides training for the competitive exam students have to pass if they want to enter one of the establishments of further education mentioned before.


The course curriculum (A two-year course)

General subjects
  • Computer science: 120 hours
  • French/Communication: 180 hours
  • English as a foreign language: 120 hours
  • Economics: 170 hours
Scientific and technical subjects
  • Accountancy: and management: 260 hours
  • Agricultural law: 30hours
  • Farm marketing: 60hours
  • Approach to the management of a farm in its environment: 40 hours
  • Dynamics in farming systems: 50 hours
  • Agronomy sciences: 110 hours
  • Management of a workshop in a production system: 150 hours
  • Management of an innovative farm activity: 40 hours
  • Local Initiative Module (MIL): 120 hours
And also:
  • Physical education: 100hours
  • Pluridisciplinary activities: 200 hours


Work placements

16 weeks during the two-year course:

  • 8 to 10 weeks on a farm. For the exam after this placement, students have to write a report and then make an oral presentation of it, a very important part of the diploma.
  • 2 to 4 weeks work experience in an agricultural organization, or an ancillary enterprise, in France or in a foreign country.
  • 2 weeks spent at ‘Le Sommet de L’Elevage’ in Cournon.
  • A two-week field trip (to an EU country, or Quebec, or Ukraine…)

In their two-year HND course the students also benefit from technical visits (farm visits, visits of farming organizations, or ancillary enterprises).